Golf has restarted at the Warren

As detailed in the email sent out on Thursday, the Warren opened on Friday but games must be pre-booked and paid for either on-line or by telephone to the shop (the latter has not been tested but we have word-of-mouth assurance that it is the case). As is our tradition it would be good to try to book a tee-time on Mondays or Thursdays, with the chance of seeing other Warren Ladies on the course (and waving?). However this may become more difficult as the weather warms up again, and you are obviously free to get whatever tee time is available.

Until the various restrictions are lifted we can have ‘summer eclectic’ games (or whatever you fancy actually!) but we hope to be able to have competitions in the near future.

Have fun – it’s great out there, even last Friday in the gale (plus rain and the odd hailstone).