Game formats

Medal or Stroke Play

Score on each hole to be recorded on score card. Gross score minus playing handicap = Net score. Do not forget to sign card (Player and Marker). If “Maximum Score” stop if you reach par for the hole + 5 and record that as your score.

Stableford (points system)

Your stroke allowance is worked out by taking your handicap away from 36. This gives you the number of holes you receive one stroke on. The rest you get two strokes. Example: If your handicap is 30. 36 minus 30 = 6, therefore you get one stroke on the 6 easiest holes / that is holes stroke index 13 to 18, and two strokes on holes stroke index 1 to 12 (24+6=30). If your handicap is more than 36, for example 44 you get 3 strokes on the 8 hardest holes, stroke index 1 to 8, and 2 strokes on the rest (44-36= 8). 


Difference between both handicaps e.g. 36 handicap playing against 28 handicap, the difference is 8, therefore the 28 handicap player has to give the 36 player 8 strokes. These are given on the 8 hardest holes, that is stroke index 1 to 8. Matchplay can be played in team games or in a knock-out competition.


This game is played in two’s – play alternate tee shots then every alternate shot. Half the combined handicap or quarter of the combined handicap if playing 9 holes.


This game is played in two’s. Both players tee off, then choose the better tee shot then play alternate shots. Half the combined 18 hole playing handicap or half of the 9 hole playing handicap.


Played over 9 holes. The first card must be completed in full. All subsequent cards:- If you have a better score on any hole, amend the score on the master sheet with your improved score. Maximum number of cards – Janie Fagan Eclectic 6 cards. Summer Eclectic 12 cards.

Yellow Ball Stableford – Team Game

We play this game with 3 team members who are numbered A, B, C on the score card. On the first hole player A plays with a yellow ball and the other two players use a white ball. On the second hole Player B plays with the yellow ball and game continues with each member of the team playing the yellow ball in rotation. The team score for each hole is that of the yellow ball doubled plus the best score of the two white balls. If the yellow ball is lost you cannot replace it with another ball.

9 Hole Texas Scramble – Played in teams of three

Each team to nominate a Captain. Combined 9-hole Course Handicaps divided by 3.

A) 2 Tee shots to be used by each player in the team. The other 3 shots may be played by any member of the team

B) Every member tees off, the Team Captain chooses the best shot (remembering point A), the ball is marked and the other two players place their ball within six inches of the marker. Everyone then plays their next shot from this point. This happens with every successive shot (even on the putting green) until the ball is holed.

C) The score when the first ball is holed is the one that goes on the card (Stroke Play)


In the golf string game players instead of being awarded shots on the basis of their handicaps are awarded a length of string, normally a foot per shot of  your Course Handicap for 18 or 9 holes.

In the golf string game players are allowed to move their ball to a more advantageous spot without losing a stroke. The ball may be moved by hand in any situation, in any direction and for any distance anywhere on the course without penalty and without counting a stroke, using a piece of string equal to the distance the ball is moved. When they do so, they simply measure the distance they have moved the ball and cut this length off their piece of string. (Please dispose of used string responsibly)

It is of no advantage to have any string left!

4 Ball Better Ball

 Better Ball is a 2-person Best Ball (also known as Four Ball), where each player plays his or her own ball throughout the round and on each hole the higher points count as the team score (if stableford), or the lowest score if stroke play.

A two person team’s event where the team takes the best score by either of them for each hole the best score only is to be recorded. The competition may be either stroke, stableford or par. (Although the correct term for this form of play is 4BBB, it is often commonly referred to as 2BBB).


Three players in each team with one best score to count on the first three holes, two best scores to count on the next three holes, and then all three scores to count on the final three holes.

Christmas Card Competition

9 Hole stroke play. No limit to the number of cards you can do. Prize is given for the Best Card (Net Score) and the Best Aggregate of 4 Cards.

Grove Cup (Winter) (This is a Knock-out Competition)

Matchplay Competition over 9 holes.

Challenge Cup (Summer) (This is a Knock-out Competition)

Matchplay Competition over 18 holes.

The Waltz

The Waltz is played  in threes.

1   one score to count

2   two scores to count

3   three scores to count

Repeat 1 2 3