Play Safe Stay Safe Covid19-Safe

Please stick to Social Distancing anywhere on the course, this includes walking to your ball and searching for it and when playing shots.

The local rule with regards to footprints in the bunker will still apply.

On the putting green do not touch the flagstick and remember to stay 2 metres apart.

Before you play.

Please observe the recommendations from England Golf.

  • Change your shoes in the car park
  • If anyone has any kit in the Locker Room or Trolley Room please arrange a time to remove it as all kit should be kept at home
  • Please bring your own hand sanitising gel and wipes for door handles and keypads etc. if you should have the need to enter the Grange
  • Please note that Wirral Council have banned us from using any of the toilets
  • Fill in and mark your partner’s card and at the end of the round agree verbally that the score is correct, the player does not have to sign the card.
  • Maintain Social distancing when waiting to go to the tee.

After the game

  • Keep your partners scorecard to be handed in when things are back to normal.
  • Text, email or phone your scores to Sue C
  • The results will appear on Masterscoreboard by the next day
  • Remember Social Distancing at all times for everyones safety.