World Handicap System

England Golf will be providing posters and videos to help to introduce members to the new system. You will hear a number of new terms such as Handicap Index, Slope Rating and Course Rating. Please don’t be alarmed! The basics you need to know are as follows:-

  1. Put simply, your Handicap Index is calculated from your best eight scores from your last 20. With this being an average it is a much fairer calculation. You will no longer go up by 0.1 for not scoring in your buffer zone.
  2. Your Handicap Index can then be used to work out your Course Handicap, which means your Handicap will change to reflect the difficulty of the course and the set of tees you elect to play. Every golf club will have a chart available so you can quickly and easily work out your Course Handicap.
  3. Then just go out and play like you have always done. The WHS doesn’t change the way you play the game, it just makes taking score and measuring your ability fairer and more simple to understand.

This is a link to an England Golf video